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Item#:  FS0120  New!
Face Shield

Face Shield Reusable Full Facial Protection

Pack Info.: 100 pcs / 11 lbs. 20X16X14"
Production Time: 2 - 3 Working Days. Shipping in Next day
*Must have to fight the virus 

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Protect yourself in public or crowded environments such as supermarkets by covering your face with one of our face shields. They can be washed and disinfected and can be used again. A must-have in healthcare environments where you may be exposed to at-risk individuals or patients with infections or illnesses. Protect yourself and your face from respiratory droplets, spit, saliva, blood, or other bodily fluids. Stay extra protected when you have to leave the house for essential tasks.

  • Shields and protects a large area of your face. Guards from your forehead to your chin against respiratory droplets, spit, saliva, blood, or other bodily fluids. A must-have in any medical setting to prevent exposure to patients with infections or illnesses.
  • Can be washed and disinfected and used again. Save money and resources! Ideal for situations where PPE can be scarce or in limited supply.
  • Elastic headband conforms to all head sizes. Padded for all day comfort and extended wear. Lightweight and allows enough room to be worn over glasses, face masks and respirators.
  • Made of transparent and recyclable PET. Durable enough for use in medical settings while providing a clear field of view.

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